Living with HIV

Living with HIV: What to Expect and Tips for Adapting

Living with HIV

More than 2.14 million people in India are living with HIV. It’s different for everyone, but with treatment, many can expect to live a long life.

If anyone tested HIV positive then the most important thing is to meet with the expert Doctor and go for the medications. Need to start antiretroviral treatment (ART) as soon as possible. If they are taking medications properly as prescribed, they can live with HIV and it keeps their viral load low and immune system strong.

It’s also necessary to visit a healthcare provider on a regular basis as prescribed.

The people living with HIV can improve their health status as below,

  • Taking their health on top priority: the most important steps to maintain their health are as below,
    • Always need to take a well-balanced diet
    • Need to involve in exercises daily
    • Require lots of rest
    • Need not take tobacco or other drugs materials
    • Need to Reporting any new symptoms to their healthcare provider immediately
  • Taking care of their mental health. They could consider seeing an expert counselor who is practiced in treating people with HIV.
  • Need to perform safe sexual activities. Speak to their sexual partner. Suggest them to get tested for HIV, STIs/ STDs. And use condoms and other barrier practices all time they have anal or vaginal or exposure.
  • Need to consult their healthcare provider for the preferred medicines. The medicines used by a person without HIV, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP, (post-exposure prophylaxis) can lower the chances of transmission. The medicine PrEP is most often suggested for people who are HIV negative but are in relationships with HIV Positive people, but it can be used in other situations as well. PrEP medicine is also available online too.
  • Support from their family and loved ones. They need a person who can maintain their confidence. They need someone who won’t judge them and will support them in caring for their health. In this list, the family comes first or the person who is very close to him and will maintain the same. They are seeking mental stability and support in this situation. The family needs to understand this without any discrimination.
  • Getting support from other sources. They can join groups or NGOs, who support HIV positive. They can join either in person or online. There, they can meet with different people who face the same situations. Their counselors or experts can also guide them toward lots of other ways in their area.

Know your HIV viral load status


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