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What is Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Types and Strategies

What is Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) Mental health is very integral, and yet it is stereotyped. Our main goal is to normalize mental health and create awareness among people. One kind of therapy is called CBT, known as Cognitive behavior therapy. Must make a note that only a licensed psychotherapist can conduct these forms of therapies. […]

How Can Psychotherapy Help Depression??
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How can Psychotherapy help depression??

Can Psychotherapy help Depression? Depression is widely recognized as a major public health problem around the world. Of late psychological treatments have found a place as an alternative to antidepressants in recent-onset- mild to moderate forms of depression. Active monitoring, individual guided self-help, cognitive behavioral therapy are very effective. On its own, this may not […]

Online mental health counseling
Mental Health

Online mental health counseling for depression and anxiety

Mental health is a serious problem prevailing in India with approx. 200 million people affected every year. Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health disorders. Depression is typically characterized by low energy and mood, low self-esteem, and loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. It causes unnecessary suffering and severe depression […]