Breast Cancer : Risk Factors

Are you at risk? Do find out…

Breast cancer is on the rise all over the world. A few minutes in a month is all you need to check that all is well. So, on this World Cancer day, why don’t we make a new beginning. Let’s resolve to spend a few minutes to keep the silent killer called Breast cancer at bay!

Following are some common risk factors for breast cancer.

1. If you are over 50 years of age
2. Early periods: If you got periods early in your life
3. Late Pregnancy: If conceived your baby after 35 years of age
4. No pregnancy: If you have never conceived a baby
5. Contraceptive Pills: If you have used birth control pills for several years.
6. Obesity: If you are overweight
7. Hormone therapy: If you have taken any hormonal therapy for menopause.
8. Family history: If you have the history of breast cancer in your family amongst your blood

Do regular Self Breast Examinations and if you find any suspicious lump or changes in your skin or any abnormal discharge, contact a doctor immediately.

Share this information with every woman you love and care for!

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