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Trending among the youngsters these days, panty liners are soft, absorbent, cloth-like material placed inside the panties to absorb the extra moisture or vaginal discharge and keep the area clean and dry. But often in this quest of attaining feminine hygiene, these liners are misused doing more harm than good to the sensitive genital area.

As panty liners are made for the purpose of absorbing the light discharges from the vagina, slight urinary droppings etc, the liner usually has a thin plastic layer underneath to prevent the absorbed material from dripping or soiling the underpants. This in turn, leads to accumulation of discharges on the liner making the area more wet than otherwise. Moreover, this wet liner facilitates the breeding of harmful bacteria causing vaginal infection, rashes and other complaints. They are thinner than sanitary pads and are suitable only for usage during light discharges. The 100% cotton and cloth-made liners are somewhat better ventilated but do not offer complete protection against the breeding bacteria.

Moreover, using soaps, liquid solutions or fragrances to wash or scent up the area also washes away the healthy bacteria living in there hampering the immunity against harmful bacteria.

What to do?

Use it, if you must, but apply certain precautionary measures.

  • Change it frequently, after every 4-6 hours.
  • Wash your hands before and after every change.
  • Use soft, breathable, cloth liners instead of the plastic layered ones.
  • Avoid application of any chemicals such as deodorants, creams, vaginal wash etc on the genitals.
  • Wear loose, cotton pants especially during night time. Ventilation is a pre-requisite to healthy vaginal area.
  • Avoid tight fitting or synthetic clothes as they increase the temperature of your private parts favouring bacterial growth. Avoid sitting for long for the same reason.
  • Use plain water or neutral soaps to clean the area as others disturb the pH balance that can irritate the skin down there.
  • In case of any itching, burning, rashes or abnormal discharge, consult your gynaecologist immediately. Vaginal infections, if left untreated, can have serious implications.

Panty liners are only made for occasional use, under certain special circumstances. Wearing them daily as a habit can ruin your feminine health gradually.

Decline the liner. Feel finer.

Author: DrSafeHands editorial team

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