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Failed attempts to conceive can be very tormenting and disheartening. More so, when all the investigations and tests are normal and no apparent cause is found. No cause, no treatment and thus, no hope.

But what an array of scans or sample analysis or other invasive techniques cannot detect is your sexual behavior. Often, the problem lies in the act of sex. The inability to discuss its details leads to misinformation and ignorance of the actual problem.
The highly prevalent problems that can be encountered during sex and that can affect the fertility are as follows:

  •  Sexual desire: Abnormal sex drive (too low or too high), unnatural sexual thoughts, fantasies or addictions.
  •  Stimulation: Improper erection in males or vaginal lubrication in females.
  •  Orgasm: Inability to achieve orgasm or too soon orgasm.

Any of these sexual dysfunctions including painful intercourse can hamper the act of love-making and chances of conception go downhill. For example, if either of the couple has some sexual difficulty –the most common being erectile dysfunction in males and hypo-active sexual desire disorder in females- the required sexual contact for getting pregnant is not achieved resulting in failure.

Conversely, the failure to conceive can lead to stress or anxiety in the couple regarding their performance in bed. Repeated failed attempts can either cause loss of interest in sex or obligation of compulsory trials on calculated fertile days. And in the desperation to conceive, the pleasure and satisfaction associated with sex is lost eventually, leading to sexual dysfunction. The love from the love-making is lost and replaced by a mission to achieve conception and the disappointed outcome can shatter the marital relationship. Also, the pressure of performing right on the fertile days can take a toll on the couple’s mental as well as physical health further aggravating the underlying condition.

Sexual dysfunction and infertility have a cause-and-effect relationship where either of the two can lead to the other making it a vicious cycle. And the only way to break this cycle is to consult a doctor and discuss all the details pertaining to your sexual behaviors. Sexual problems are easily treatable these days and so is infertility. With many assisted reproductive methods such as IVF, IUI, sperm or egg donation etc, couples can fulfill their dream of having a baby. There’s no need to burden your sex life for that.

Keep the love within you alive. Medical science will take care of the rest.

Author: DrSafeHands editorial team

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