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23 year old Kanchan came to Delhi to pursue her Masters in Philosophy. After few months she fell in love with Shaurya. They were enjoying every moment of their new lives. Everything was going fine until one day when Kanchan felt really uncomfortable and puked. She had missed her periods, already. In panic , she did her urine pregnancy test at home , on the advice of her friend Roohi. To her horror , it was positive. The news turned their worlds upside down. After several heated arguments and a lot of heartache , they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Every day in huge metropolitan cities to small towns , many Kanchans make a small mistake and pay heavily. If you ask the experts , they say that its not the pregnancies that they are worried about . The bigger concern for them is the transmission of sexually transmitted infections – genital herpes, syphilis , gonorrhea etc and the deadly ones HIV , HBV , HCV.

All it needs is a small precaution to be in the safe zone and enjoy life as you would like to .

Here are some smart choices that young couples can make to enjoy stress free relationships.

Condom – condom – condom : By far this is the best, cheapest and most effective way of preventing pregnancies and STIs. Condoms save lives. Get into the habit of using them.

Female condom : This is a smart choice some young women are making nowadays. Easily available online – its yet to become popular since it’s relatively expensive and its failure rate is higher than a male condom.

The pill : It’s still the most popular choice among young women. It’s a combination of hormones and its failure rate is very low. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it’s a good choice. But remember , it does not save you from STIs ( sexually transmitted infections)

IUD : the intrauterine devices – a T shaped thin plastic tube that’s is implanted into the uterus by a doctor. These were more popular in married women but are now recommended for young unmarried women as well. Even those who have never been pregnant. Advantages – no hassles of taking a daily pill but again no protection from STIs

Emergency Contraception : Had unprotected sex ! It can happen to the most careful of couples. Emergency Contraceptive pills ( eg i Pill , unwanted 72) , taken within 72 hours of intercourse can be very effective. Just don’t abuse your bodies by repeated use. These can play havoc with your reproductive systems if used repeatedly.

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