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Despite the desire to bare it all with one’s partner,everyone prefers some private zones in their relationships. For some individuals their cell phones are private zones while for others their ex relationships or their financial status.

Involving yourself in every aspect of your partner’s life is not a bright idea. Would you like to come across as a suspicious nosy partner?

Here are a few private zones where partners may decide rules of privacy. Making rules means mutually deciding what is okay and what is not okay. You may change the rules anytime.

  1. Personal conversations: This is about allowing your partner access to your messages, mails and phone calls. Decide limits by makingrules based on your comfort.
  1. Work details: For some individuals, confidentiality of what they are working on is sacrosanct. You may decide which aspects of your work life you wish to keep private.
  1. Ex-relationships: Not many are comfortable talking about their exes because broken relationships are painful. Respect your partner’s privacy. Let bygones be bygones.
  1. Family history: All families have secrets. If your partner wishes to keep some family matters private, respect his/her wish. Donot insist on know everything.
  1. Personal experiences: If your partner has been through an unpleasant experience in the past, it is better to broach the topic only when s/he is comfortable to talk about it.
  1. Social relationships: You might be tempted to keep a track of your partner’s relationship with his/her colleagues or friends. Avoid this, until there is some real reason to think otherwise. Give your loved ones the freedom to involve in other healthy relationships.

Say yes to mutual trust. Say yes to private  zones!

Author: Shirley Menezes

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