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So, the baby is finally home. Congrats!

The house is in a state of complete chaos. Your sleep- wake cycle is the worst casualty. The chores are never ending. And on top of all this, your partner is eager to end the self-imposed celibacy period. Secretly , you too , desire to de- stress by having a  long and sensual session filled with great sex.

But how?

Let’s unravel the mystery step by step.

  1. How soon after delivery can I have sex?

As soon as you feel ready. Though ideally 4-6weeks’ abstinence is recommended, the time varies depending on the medical condition of the mother, the type of delivery, personal care etc. Once the episiotomy or c-section wound has healed, you can resume your sexual life.

  1. Vaginal dryness hampering the act?

The body can take few weeks to months to return to the normal shape and so does the vagina. If the vagina is too dry or stretched, a water-based lubricant might prove beneficial. However, if one experiences pain or discomfort, it’s advisable to seek medical help. Certain exercises can also help in bringing back the pelvic muscle tone.

  1. Breast tenderness or milk let down during sex?

A: Due to the release of hormones, the breast might leak during the act. To avoid the same, you can either empty the breasts by pumping or feeding the baby before having sex. For breast tenderness or nipple soreness due to frequent feeding, ointments are available.

  1. Low libido?

Decreased sexual desire is common after delivery. Baby care is exhausting and sleep deprivation spoils the mood further. Lack of sleep is a big turn off for sex. Try to sleep whenever you can. Indulge in intimate acts like cuddling, kissing, massaging to regain your lost libido.

Plan for sex. Celebrate with sexy lingerie and your favourite perfumes. Try new positions as after delivery , you need to be cautious till you regain your abdominal muscles tone.

  1. Having sex next to a sleeping baby?

Usually, babies are deep sleepers and will not be affected by your love-making. However, if you are too conscious, arrange a baby-sitter or family member to look after the baby while you spend some quality time. You can also, adjust your time according to the baby’s sleep.

Who said , you can’t have sex during daytime !!

Life keeps changing and you need to get along to keep up with fun activities.

Author: Dr. Nidhi Jhamb

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