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Despite all the talk about rights of a female in the bedroom, stereotyped mindset still rules.  Men are assumed to be the initiator and dominator of the sexual act.

It seems as if men have great power in the sexual equation but is it really true?

High sexual expectations come with fears of falling short in one’s “performance”. Yes, men have sex fears too!  and pretty deep rooted ones, at that.

  1. Am I well endowed?

Penis is the prime focus of men’s anxiety. Men are commonly worried about not having adequate penis length/girth or not having a straight penis on erection. They fear sexual dissatisfaction due to these biological characteristics.

  1. Will I be good at sex?

If a man fails at sex, it certainly affects his self-esteem.

Since centuries our society has been explicit in suggesting that men must have natural command in the bedroom. Therefore, men want to be great at love-making for their own sake and to satisfy their partners.

Inadequate erection, premature ejaculation and inability to satisfy the female partner are common sex fears men have.

  1. What if I make a mistake?

Though unprotected sex has more biological, social and psychological consequences for women,the responsibility of safe sex weighs on male partners too.

Men commonly fear condom breakage, unplanned pregnancy and contracting/transmitting sexually transmitted infections.

  1. Is masturbation/porn going to harm me?

Men who regularly indulge in masturbation/porn fear adverse effects. They are afraid of losing sperm due to regular ejaculation.They are afraid for their health and they also fear that they will not be able to satisfy their partner due to these sexual habits.

Some men actually believe that if they masturbate they will start losing sperm in urine.

  1. Will my partner satisfy me?

As with other relationship expectations, men worry about their sexual satisfaction. They are unsure whether their partner would share the same enthusiasm for sex as they do or whether their partner would be willing to engage in sexual acts they desire.

The best way to overcome these fears is to communicate with your partner well , share the fears and get rid of undue stress.

Talking with an expert can do wonders, too.

Author -Shirley Menezes


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