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Hi. I am Tara. I am 32 and a proud mother to a 3 month old.

When I was pregnant, apart from the concerns about all the physical changes that I was going through, I had a morbid fear, too.

I wanted, more than ever, to be loved and sometimes, yes you guessed it right!! I wanted to have really good, relaxing, de- stressing and out of the world love sessions.  The fear was, could I? Would it harm me or the baby? Or God forbid, lead to any complications like premature labour. So, I avoided it. But one day, my husband had had it enough and wanted to do it as much as I did.

‘I can’t even gather myself up, honey ’, I complained.But the truth of the matter was that I was scared.

The very next day, I had an appointment with my doc, and I asked her point blank.

“Of course you can”, she smiled.

‘Just keep few things in mind. Here is what the good doctor had to say.

  • The baby is safe inside the amniotic sac and thickening uterus. Making love will not harm her. Just be gentle and do not put any pressure on the abdomen.
  • Try making love while lying sideways or sitting in lap. This takes the load off your abdomen.
  • Do not use any lubricant or gel as it may irritate the skin or cause an infection.
  • Slight spotting is common after sex so don’t panic. In case of heavy or continuous bleeding, pain or water gushing out, consult me.
  • Do not force yourself into it. Do it only if you feel comfortable.
  • Cervix thickens during pregnancy and forms a barrier for any infection. But to be on the safer side, wash and wipe yourself dry after the act to ward off bacteria.
  • Only females with low lying placenta, history of miscarriage or premature labour/ history of any complications during previous or current pregnancy are asked to abstain from sex. For others, sex during pregnancy is as normal as otherwise.
  • Avoid oral sex. Blowing into the genital area is absolute no- no since it can cause air embolism.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask, if you have any doubts whatsoever.

With these pointers, we made love after almost 4 months and honestly, the bond was much more special with the baby around.

Author: Dr.NidhiJhamb

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