Chlamydia is a bacterial infection affecting the genitals, anus, eyes or throat, transmitted sexually.


  • Most common of all STDs with almost 1 million new cases every year.
  • Females at a higher risk
  • More common in younger age groups who are sexually active i.e. 15-25 years of age

Spreads through:

  • Unprotected vaginal sex, oral or anal sex with an infected individual
  • Touching or rubbing of the genitals or sharing sex toys
  • Gay/ bisexual relationship- males having sex with males.
  • Mother to a baby through pregnancy or nursing
  • Direct contact with infected semen or vaginal discharge
  • Contaminated towels can transmit the infection to the eyes.

Generally, asymptomatic and thus, goes unnoticed easily. However, the following symptoms may be present:

  • Abnormal, foul-smelling, yellowish or greenish discharge from the vagina or penis
  • Burning or pain on urination
  • Painful sex
  • Abdominal pain with fever
  • Inter-menstrual bleeding
  • Swollen vagina, anus or testes
  • Bleeding during or after intercourse
  • Itching or bleeding from the anus
  • Oral sex may transmit the bacteria to the throat leading to cough, soreness throat, fever.
  • Eye infections may present as conjunctivitis or trachoma and can even lead to blindness.


  • Using a condom during sex is the purest form of protection from all STDs
  • Get yourself and your partner tested for Chlamydia and other infections before having sex
  • Avoid anal or oral sex
  • Stick to one sexual partner


By a simple blood test

Easily treatable with antibiotics.

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