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Cervical cancer symptoms

Hello Doctor. I am 40 years old. For the past 3 days, I am experiencing deep pain while having sexual intercourse. My periods are irregular from past three four months, do I need to see a doctor for this?
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Is Cervical Cancer hereditary?

Dear Doctor, I am 35 years of age, I have 2 children. My mother had a cervical cancer 7 years back, she is fine now. Should I go for screening for the same?
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Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Dear Doctor, I am 45 years of age, I have a daughter 12 years of age. I read in a magazine about cervical cancer vaccination. Can you please guide me on the same?
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Cervical Cancer Treatment

Hello Doctor, I am 36 years of age, I got my pap test positive. What treatment is needed? Also will this treatment affect my ability to become pregnant in the future? Worried , please help?
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Bleeding between periods. Is it Cervical Cancer?

Dear Doctor, I am 26 years old, I have been having heavy periods with pain during sex. Yesterday I started having a light brown discharge, which is quite smelly. Is it cervical cancer? Please guide?
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Breast Cancer recurrence?

Hello Doctor, I am 58 years of age. I had cancer in my left breast, got surgical removal along with chemo and radio therapy 10 years back. During a recent mammogram they noticed calcium deposits under the arm of the non cancerous side of my breast. What should I do?
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Painful lump in Breast

Dear Doctor, I am 32 years old, my periods are regular. Last month I noticed a lump like formation in my left breast soon after my delivery. Sometimes it pains, there is no discharge as such. It is making me worried. Please help?
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Breast cancer Prevention

Hello doctor, I have a family history of breast cancer. I am getting close to 30 years. What should I do to prevent it? Is there is any vaccination or preventive medicines for it?
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Lump and discharge from breasts

Dear Doctor, My aunt got a lump in both her breasts. Gradually, the size of the lumps is increasing. It has become painful and radiates from her breasts to her back. Her left breast leaks sometimes and shape of both the breast is uneven. Is she affected by Breast Cancer?
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Lump in armpit

Dear Doctor, I am 48 years of age, my periods are irregular since past 2 years. Recently I noticed a change in the shape of both breast, and a lump of 2 cms is felt under left armpit. It is painless but is bothering me. Please help?
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