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Q: What is a Premature Ejaculation?

PME is a common sexual complaint, in which there is early release of Semen sooner than a man would like.
Man with PME, have less control over ejaculation, it occurs prior to or within about one minute of sexual activity.

Q: What are the cause of PME?

  1. Psychological Cause - Anxiety
  2. Hormonal Factors
    • Abnormal Hormone Levels
    • Abnormal Reflex activity of ejaculation system.
    • Thyroid problem
    • Inflammation or Infection of Prostate or Uthera.
  3. Medication
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Q: How can it be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed by taking:-
  1. Sexual history with you and your partner
  2. Relationship history ( both previous & current)
  3. Erectile Dysfunction problem
  4. By doing some lab test to know about hormone levels like serum testosterone & thyroid level
  5. Lifestyle/habits like tobacco/smoking/alcoholic.

Q: How can I treat or delay PME ?

  1. Wear thicker Condoms - a thicker wall can decrease sensitivity to penis.
  2. Focus on other sexual pleasure
  3. Behavioral strategies like squeeze method or stop/ start method.
  4. Anesthetic creams/sprays.
  5. Oral Medications like antidepressants to delay orgasm.
  6. Counseling.

Q: What is the Prognosis of PME?

In many cases, PME gets better on its own one time, it has good prognosis but learning how to relax helps.
If problem continues, continue talking to your doctor to find solution.