Vaginal Itching

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Vaginal itching is a very common and usually harmless occurrence with a majority of females affected at some point of time in their lives. But if the itching is severe and continues for a long time, medical help should be sought.

Q: What are the causes of Vaginal Itching

  1. Bacterial vaginosis: When the healthy good vaginal bacteria is destroyed by harmful bacteria, bacterial vaginosis can occur and cause itching. It can also be accompanied by a foul smelling, white vaginal discharge.
  2. Yeast infection: Yeast or Candida infection is also a very common condition affecting females of all ages. The symptoms include vaginal itching, thick white discharge or occasional burning.
  3. Use of irritants or chemicals: Applying deodorants, ointments, douches, soaps or using scented fabrics, sanitary napkins etc can trigger an allergic reaction leading to itching. As the genital skin is very soft and delicate, do not use any chemicals on the area and wear breathable cotton fabric to maintain proper body temperature.
  4. Hormones: Any medications or contraceptives, menopause, pregnancy etc can create a hormonal imbalance in the body leading to this lady itch.
  5. Skin diseases: Generalised skin complaints such as psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, lichen sclerosus etc can affect the genital skin too cause the area to itch.
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases: Unprotected sex can cause a variety of problems and vaginal itching is one of them. Other symptoms may include pain during urination, stinky vaginal discharge, painful sex, dryness vagina, sores or eruptions on the genitals.
  7. Uncommon causes: Stress, vulvar cancer and diabetes can also cause the skin to itch.

Q: What are the Treatment/Management of Vaginal Itching??

Avoiding chemicals, unprotected sex, stress, synthetic undergarments etc can keep a check on this scratchy thing. Also, always wash and dry up the area after bathing, urinating as moisture allows the bacteria to multiply.

Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics or some topical applications to control the itching.


Depending on the underlying cause, vaginal itching is usually cured easily. However, in certain severe cases or if left untreated, the condition may become worse or prove fatal.

"So don't scratch, kick the itch out of your life."