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In a larger internet survey that involved 52,031 heterosexual men, over 78% of men rated their penis size as being small to average. A shocking figure indeed!!

Manhood or the size of penis is one of the most important subjects of sexuality that affects every man at least once in a lifetime.
As per studies & surveys, there are many men who tend to underestimate their ‘organ’ size. This usually happens due to various pornographic sites and men’s health magazines that frequently advertise and reinforce the cultural connect between a man’s penis size and his masculinity. What further adds to this assumption is that sometimes these pornographic sites display women exhibiting an exaggerated response to men with big penis. Thus leading many men to assume that women in general have a preference for larger penis.

Such exaggeration is however, misguiding and is done only to lure men. Unfortunately, some men do fall prey to these false projections from the media and begin to search for ways to increase their ‘size’. Some are trapped by the many quacks who sell ‘Magic remedies’ that do much more damage than good.

From a scientific viewpoint, only the outer 1.5 inches of the vagina in females has nerve endings and therefore any penis that meets these criteria should be enough for satisfying women in bed.
The fact is the average length of the male ‘organ’ is about 3 inches when flaccid and about 6 inches in size when erect. Self assessment of the penis size is probably the worst way to estimate a man’s penis size and frequently men measure underestimate the organ size.
Is there a way to increase penis size?..Read on…

If one still wishes to increase the overall size of the penis then the only way is through corrective surgery. Surgery has it’ own set of associated complications.
There are no such “medications” or “magic remedies” or vitamins which enhance or enlarge the organ as it is the bodily physiological process and hormones play a major role in deciding your final penile size.But you can make it look bigger by following the below mentioned tips:

By losing weight –losing weight around your pubic area and lower stomach can make it look a bit bigger than usual.

  •     Keep the ‘bushes’ at bay – yes shaving yourself down there may make it look bigger. Though it is a personal choice but it is worth giving a try.
  •     Get yourself checked– if you suffer from erectile dysfunction then that may make the penis look smaller. Do not ignore when in doubt.
  •     Don’t compare or ‘over think’ – do not compare yourself with the actors enacting the roles in porn.  “All that glitters is not gold”.
  •     Stop Smoking- Studies have found that smoking can cut down the average penis size by up to 0.4 inches.

Seneca ; the famous author says “It is quality rather than quantity that matters the most”.
So if you spend quality time with your partner rather than thinking about the size, it will make you last longer and the sexual pleasure more satisfying.
Sexual relation, intimacy and compatibility play the most major part in a relationship and not “sizes”.

The key is: “Love yourself”!! “Love your size”!! “Be confident”!! It is as natural as the other organs of your body.


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Author: Dr. Shah Dupesh  Dr Shah Dupesh

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