Average Penis Size

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Males are often conscious about the normal size of the penis but shy away from discussing it. Though nothing beats the personal and direct consultation with a doctor, a little knowledge might help in resolving the issue faster.

  1. The average length (from tip to base) of an erect penis is approx. 5 inches and the average circumference is approx. 4.5 inches.
  2. The dimensions of a relaxed penis are approx 3.5 inches in length as well as circumference.
  3. As the size varies depending on the person's height and genetics, a male is considered to have a small penis if it's less than 2.5 inches in size when erect.
  4. Even if the size is comparatively smaller, you can fully satisfy your partner as the G-spot is located just 1.5- 2 inches into the vagina and can be easily stimulated.
  5. Studies have revealed that women prefer facial attraction, eyes and other traits of men over penile size. That doesn't really matter to a majority of females.
  6. In fact, for some women larger penises are scary as they tend to be more painful.
  7. There are many variations in an erect penis too- Some erect upwards, some towards down, some can even be a little towards left or right. Fret not!
  8. In relaxed state, it is normally bent or curved towards one side. Only if it's painful or causing a problem during intercourse, that it requires medical attention.

"Just remember, the size will not hamper the action but your anxiety will. So be confident of your body and enjoy the act."