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HIV a brief recapitulation of a skimpy stigma…

“HIV – Doddered up in the past and present with a bloomy future”

Well ahh!.. writing this, sounds really fantastic for me as such, thou the term may be derogatory to 110% demography of my nation and many others, well ya feels like laughing! right but this is how it is, cause a majority of population cons-crewed it to be HYPER INFECTIOUS VIRUS instead being unaware about its actual full-form that is HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV), you may also fall in this construction provided you have never empathized or per say sympathize with the cause.


Might be just because of a hyperbolic stigma attached to it or due to the mere social construction which is deeply entrenched in your minds and hearts or random shit per say.

Well beginning it involves a rough historical trend, that From its very initial phases when it was not actually HIV but was SIV that too found in chimpanzee but an utter need of Darwin’s theory made homo sapiens to forge ahead with vociferous killing for the mere survival which led to a gradual change and the genesis of HIV took place.

Well this short epilogue seems really interesting and yes it actually causes if by applying our basic natural sciences in the Anthropocene epoch we were able to deduce its conversion, but that too was possible when we actually found it in a homosexual suffering from Pneumonia roughly around 1981, when this tiny virus in him had taken a gigantic shape in the form of AIDS, don’t worry guys by reading or listening to this word won’t make you catch it, hold on hold on , so practicality no need of protection hearing.

In the current decade, the worlds maximum sufferers by HIV are in Sub Saharan Africa and our so-called nationalistic with a ting of jingoism filled nation takes the position of a 2nd runner-up.

Well, this historiography was just an overall estimate of the basics regarding HIV current global status but does that solves the problem?

Well  ya , might be for examination purpose it does, but the larger debate and dissent lies in the stigma attached to it at a social and international level provided if you ever feel at time to go ahead and know about it the via several studies rampant at the soft platform may bring out the harsh realities of the modern day world where self-centric nature is deep-rooted in the ethos of our so-called progressive society which is merely on bits and pieces of shredded woods.

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