HIV and AIDS are two subjects that need to be discussed and learned about. But it is the least talked about in the open. And whatever is talked about is in hushed tones and is bugged with misconceptions and myths. HIV and even AIDS can be contacted only through sexual contact or blood transfusion and not by just any kind of touch. The sad part is though this truth is known clearly by the medical fraternity most of them are not willing to treat patients with symptoms of these infections.


Neglect from the core group

This has aggravated the matter the most. The group of people like doctors, nurses, and others who belong to the medical field that have to create awareness among the uneducated and the unknown are the ones who most of the time are victims of the stigma associated with these diseases.

The condition of the patients admitted to the hospitals and clinics is pathetic as most of them are left to fend for themselves. It is found that most doctors and even nurses fear to treat them or offer checkup services to them many a time too. First and foremost, the attitude towards HIV and AIDS infected people needs to be changed by each and everyone including the medical fraternity.

Sensitization needed

People need to be sensitized about how it spreads and awareness needs to be created that an HIV infected can live a long and healthy life if he or she follows the treatment plan religiously and takes the necessary medicine like ART on time. They also need to follow certain precautions and if they do so there is no much threat to the others from them.

Need to take preventive measures

All those who have followed such preventive measures and protection are not much affected by their HIV or AIDS infection. They can lead normal lives and do their day to day activities without any hindrance or causing trouble to anyone too. Thus their overall well-being will be restored. Instead of being a burden to society, these people can be a part of it. They can thus take an active part in reshaping it and creating awareness amongst the masses.

Especially the young need full guidance and knowledge of HIV and AIDS as this is the highest risk group. It is this group that can indulge in unprotected sex and is the cause of the spread of the disease.

Education about the diseases need of the hour

Teaching about AIDS and HIV needs to be made compulsory in schools so that from a young age people get to know what is the reality of this infection and how to be protected from it. And also they can be taught how not to be the cause of its spread. If these measures are taken really on a serious note by everyone involved, then there can be a drastic reduction in the spread of the diseases and they can be under control.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The prevalence due to blood transfusion has come down now because of some preventive measures are taken. Also, the sex workers and those who come in contact with them are also advised to have protective sex. This way also the spread of the disease can get reduced. Now people have started to follow these and the needed contraceptives are used during the sex act. Thus you can say that there is some light seen at the end of the tunnel.

What needs to be done

Though so much is being done it is not enough. This kind of awareness is more in urban areas and amidst the educated. The rural areas and the uneducated need to be made known about the drastic consequences of these diseases in the way they can understand. Preaching and just offering free treatment or distributing some freebies in the form of contraceptive tools will not suffice for them to know the real danger of this disease.

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