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Erectile Dysfunction: Men’s Worst Nightmare

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People suffering from erectile dysfunction can suffer great embarrassment as well as diminishing confidence. A mere thought of inability to get your penis erect can make life miserable. Erection of penis is a natural process and we take it for granted. But in those who suffer erectile dysfunction the blood vessels in penis are unable to retain blood resulting in failure of erection.

Let’s give you a very brief account of common causes of ED or erectile dysfunction. Earlier, ED was also referred to as impotence, a term not used any longer because of its negative connotations and rightly so!

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Physical Causes: These causes are of the physical origin and are the result of various diseases as under:

  1. Diabetes: The nerves and vessels that are responsible for taking blood for erection gets damaged by diabetes and its consequences are problems such as erectile dysfunction.
  2. Kidney Diseases: The diseases associated with kidneys can hinder the hormones and blood flow to the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction.
  3. Nerve and Brain Disorders: Getting an erection without the help of the nervous system is impossible and any damage to the nervous system can result in no erection.
  4. Blood Vessel Diseases: Various blood vessel diseases such as narrowed or blocked arteries, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can limit or slow down the flow of blood to the penis making you unable to get ready for sex.

Psychological Causes: The stresses of daily living sometimes prove too much for your organ to bear !!

  1. Stress: High stress, no matter work related or life related, is a major cause of erectile dysfunction and it leads to various hormonal changes.
  2. Anxiety: Anxiety can cause doubt and fear in the mind of a person and result in performance anxiety which would further result in erectile failure during sex.
  3. Guilt: The feeling of guilt in the mind of a man about his inability to satisfy his partner can lead to inability to get the penis erected when it matters the most.
  4. Depression: The depression is the advanced stage of anxiety disorder and is a cause of multiple physical as well as psychological problems in males including erectile dysfunction.
  5. Low Self Esteem: Poor sexual performances in the past can make a person believe that he is unable to perform like he should be during sex and this can cause a feeling of low self esteem in the mind of that person and can result in poor erection.

When is the right time to visit a doctor?

Not being able to do it, once in a while should not bother you. It happens with everyone. But if you are not able to get it up or maintain an erection on many occasions for at least 3 months, its time to talk with a doctor.

The cure

This will depend on the cause of the problem. There are various forms of treatment available ranging from topical creams to pills to injections or surgeries. The good news is a majority of patients get good results.

Whom to consult?

This part may be tricky. Although , you may be tempted to consult your family doctor but its best to talk with an expert who is suitably trained to treat such problems.

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