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Kavita was awake  the entire night! She was experiencing night sweats, hot flushes and was feeling miserable. Surprisingly it was a chilly winter night.

Kavita got up, turned on the fan up high. She wanted to rip her clothes off.
Kavita was 38  and happily married. She was an ambitious woman and thus always prioritized her career. By the time she reached 30’s she was already a marketing manager with  a big international brand.
For  the past few weeks, she was experiencing sudden changes in her body. She would sweat a lot  and hot flushes had become common. She discussed this with Sam and both agreed she had been working too hard and needed a break. On his advice, she decided to meet a gyno to be sure.

The visit left her dumbstruck. When she called up Sam to tell him , the words barely came out of her.

“Sam, my ovaries are failing to perform.”

Menopause had hit her mother at the age of 51. She was just 38. She had read in magazines about women ,getting pregnant even at 42. She thought she still had time.

But the symptoms were evident . How could she be so blind. She enjoyed making love so much but of late , was turning Sam away. She felt so dry down there and so tired , she did not want to do it. Not to speak of hot flushes and uncalled for sweating. Her periods too had become irregular , something she had never experienced before.

All was not lost , she was told. She had to give her body a chance .

She resolved to fight, what her doctor said was “Pre-Mature Ovarian Failure” or  Early Menopause for short.

Author : AmrutaDeshpande

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