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Anxiety is a universal bodily reaction; it just can’t be that you haven’t met it in person. It is the ‘red siren’ that beeps its warning lights when something is not ‘quite right’. Anxiety feels like this: you get worried, you have repeated thoughts about something, you feel uneasy or jittery, you find yourself more distracted than normal, you wish for help and so on.

The red siren sounds its music till you decide to give it your ears. That’s its stubborn nature. So pushing the bothering matter under the carpet or closing it forcefully in your closet won’t make that beeping sound go off…. it will only sound softly as if stifled. But it will still be there patiently calling your attention.

Anxiety wants to be heard and if not given a chance to do so, it decides to play mischief and meddle with your affairs. It shrewdly pours out its worries into your daily routine. It knows that in doing so it will get your undivided attention.

“Even better if other people notice”, it cleverly thinks. That is all anxiety ever wishes.

So now when you see yourself showing signs of anxiety, be a smart detective and pick up the concerns that the red siren indicates…. is it your health that causes the siren to beep? Is it your relationship or your self confidence? Are you pressurised by too many tasks such that you lose your hold on important life affairs? That would definitely cause the continuous beeping, rendering you utterly confused about the source!

It’s pretty simple… if you want to keep your emotional health and well-being in check… Just listen to the red siren beeping. Beep…. beep….beep.

Author: Ms. Shirley Menezes

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