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7 Women’s Diseases Men Needs to be Careful for

Men are from Mars and women from Venus. Yet, they met on earth and that’s where life is!

We are coded differently, have a different genetic makeup. Our bodies have different ways of functionality and this is what puts us at risk of different disease. Over the years, some diseases found to be more prevalent in women have been termed as women’s disease. Though this euphemism is a misnomer as most of these “women’s disease”‘ are very much found in men!

Let’s take a sneak peek into these “women’s diseases” that men need to watch out for and getting treatment.

1. Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders
Gone are the days of gender stereotyping where only females were considered to be conscious about their looks. Esthetics today, are a major concern for men.

Crash diets, steroid consumption, dehydration, anxiety, headaches, nauseated feelings are common symptoms.


 2. Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
While more and more women are now much aware of this deadly disease, men are it’s unexpected victims. They are mostly unaware of the initial signs and symptoms and the disease is usually diagnosed in its advanced forms.

Be on a lookout for any kind of swellings, lumps or abnormalities in the chest region.


3. Osteoporosis

Men found a quarter of all patient population of this classical women’s disease. Low calcium levels over a prolonged time period cause reduced bone density making the brittle bones prone to fractures.

Calcium and vitamin D supplements, and regular screening bone density tests are a must for men above 50.


4. Depression

Stress related problems affect both sexes, just that men express their symptoms differently. Headache, backache, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, changes in appetite are some of the warning signs.

Recognising really signs of depression are a must. Understand yourself, come out of your shell and talk to people who care. You’ll always get the help you need.


5. Thyroid Problems

Hormonal imbalances can occur in males and must be a major concern. Adult males, above 45, overweight/obese, and having other conditions like diabetes and hypertension should be screened for thyroid regularly.

Symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, excessive feeling of cold out heat, clammy hands, undue shivering, should raise an alert. You need to visit your doctor.


6. Lupus

It is a disease where your immune system cannot recognize your “self” body cells and tends to destroy them with antibodies. This autoimmune disorder is 9 times most common in females but can affect men too.

It produces symptoms like fever, a characteristic butterfly patch, hair loss, swellings of joints, arthralgia, skin lesions etc.


7. Bladder Infections

Bladder Infections
Owing to anatomic differences, bladder infections are more common in females. Men normally have bladder infections associated with enlarged prostate, systemic infection, kidney stones or urethral disorders.

Common features include burning out painful sensation during urination, altered color or smell of urine, low-grade fever with chills.

Adding to all the above is the fact that men are much less careful than women when it gets to their own health. They assume the role of a provider but often in this rat race, forgot provider for themselves… You need to take care. Visit your doctor on a regular basis. Pay attention to your body, be on a look out for any warning sign and in case you get one, make sure it’s taken care of.

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