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Q: What is a Erectile Dysfunction?

As the name suggests, erectile dysfunction is the failure to maintain or develop adequate erection necessary for penetration during sex thereby affecting one's sexual life. Though erection might be affected temporarily in times of stress or too much indulgence in alcohol, it is the recurrent or continuous inability to erect that needs immediate attention.

ED could be due to medical or psychological reasons. However, both are inter-related as ED can, in turn, cause performance anxiety or stress leading to psychological problems.

Erection is achieved when nerve endings release neurotransmitters that cause dilatation of arteries of the penis leading to extra blood flow to the area or penile engorgement. Thus, if the nerve endings are damaged due to some underlying health condition or arteries are clogged, it prevents the penis from erecting resulting in ED. Common medical conditions that may result in ED include diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, nerve disorders, spinal injury, drug or alcohol abuse. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, fear of getting intimate, any guilt, depression, relationship issues etc.

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Q: What are the symtoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

  1. Unable to have an erection at most sexual attempts.
  2. Worsening ability to erect
  3. Insufficient erection
  4. Decreasing sexual drive
  5. No erection even on masturbating

Q: What is the management of Erectile Dysfunction?

Most popular medication for ED is Viagra. However, self-medication is strictly unadvisable as it might have adverse reactions. Your doctor may examine your case and prescribe various medications accordingly to promote blood flow, stimulate nerve endings etc. Other treatment options include injections, topical applications, penile implants or vacuum pumps. In rare cases, a blood vessel surgery might be performed.

Do not shy away from the problem as the underlying cause, if left untreated, can have serious implications later.

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