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Hi. My name is Candida. I am a type of fungus/yeast. People hate me and I hate them too. And thus, I love troubling them. I cause various infections on their skins, mouths , throats and many other parts of the body. Currently, I have occupied a female body. Let me take you to my new home.

A vagina is my favourite place. As my fellow Candida members are naturally present in the vaginal tissue, it becomes easier for me to inhabit. Together we grow, multiply and occupy the area. The poor human itches,  scratches violently, has burning pain, soreness and swelling.  We also produce thick, whitish discharge in order to make our presence felt and completely enjoy the attention.

Alas! Our attention is short-lived at times ,as there resides our enemy Lactobacillus too. He’s a very powerful bacteria and can destroy us easily. Only when he’s weakened by antibiotics, poor hygiene, diet, stress, pregnancy, diabetes, HIV or other immune-suppressive drugs, can we attack the organism.

Fortunately, we have a lot of options to create new colonies. Ladies with following habits practically hold a welcome sign for us .

Those who

  • Apply deodorants or other chemicals to private parts
  • Use scented tampons/pads
  • Douche very often
  • Take frequent hot tub baths
  • Have poor hygiene
  • Eat too much sugary foods
  • Wear tight pants or wet clothing

Now that I have been naïve enough to spill all my secrets, I am sure it will be tough for me to find a new home.

Perhaps not !

Because that’s  how you humans have always been. Smart !with all that array of medicines against me.

But not smart enough to restrict my entry.

Author : DrNidhi

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