Problems Faced by LGBT People
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Problems Faced by LGBT People in the Mainstream Society

  1. Coming out to the family- Opening up about your sexuality is not easy. It is really your private matter. Tell your family when you feel comfortable and confident. Accepting yourself is key to lead a normal life. Remember that coming out maybe more of a process than an event. Allow your family some time to take the news in and be sensitive to their feelings too.
  2. Acceptance of family- There is a huge role of family acceptance in saving the lives of LGBTQ individuals. It brings positivity and encouragement to lead a normal life and face the world. Studies show that accepting behavior by parents toward their children’s sexual orientation or gender identity is linked to the health and well-being of LGBT youths. Ambivalent or negative views by the family can be harmful to their children’s mental and physical health.
  3. The reaction of society- Society plays a huge role in the health and well-being of LGBT individuals. Discrimination, bullying, marginalization, social stigma, isolation, and rejection by society affects their mental health. On the other hand, acceptance and support by the society helps in creating positive environment for LGBT individuals. Several studies show that suicide rate is greater in LGBT youths with unsupportive social environment.
  4. Work place situation- For too many LGBT employees, discrimination is a way of life. Usually, they prefer to hide their private lives from colleagues and clients for fear of homophobia, exclusion or in case they are overlooked for valuable promotions. While many employers do take steps to provide adequate LGBT protections at work, there are employers that lag behind – and those that don’t pay much attention to discrimination laws at all.
  5. Do I have friend with whom I can share this- True friends don’t judge or discriminate you on any basis. If you don’t have such friends, talk to LGBT support groups to learn more and share your feelings with them. In such situations, they can be your true friends. If you feel more anxious or lonely, it is advisable that you connect with mental health experts to overcome your stress or anxiety. Don’t suffer in silence.
  6. How my relatives react on this- It takes a lot of strength and courage to talk to about your gender orientation to your relatives. Allow your relatives some time to take the news in and be sensitive to their feelings too. They can be judgemental and insensitive in the beginning, but let them settle in and be patient. Some might support you, but others might not. Don’t let their rejection ruin your hope for living. Remember that coming out may be more of a process than an event.
  7. Do I get a job with my real identity- Any kind of discrimination in job hiring is not acceptable. It is upto you if you want to be honest about your identity while the hiring process. Many employers are supportive and encourage LGBT people to join their firm. Although, it might be difficult in the beginning to get a job, but make sure you keep trying and not lose hope.

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