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You may laugh at those cliched on screen romantic stories. In real life, things happen in a more subtle but surely equally dramatic ways. It’s not easy to say when you get too deep into a relationship.

Welcome everyone, to this blind alley called “love”

It’s so much simpler when you intend to date because you know your love criteria and you can consciously pull away if things don’t go your way. But when Cupid decides to strike you may find yourself completely helpless.

The symptoms indicate the underlying disorder, so let us examine the symptoms first.

You are‘absorbed’: You are like a bee buzzing over a flower. Most of your energy and time is spent relating with that likeable person.

Entry into your fantasies: When your thoughts run wild’s/he has a major role in it.

Imprint of his/her choices: You pick up the choices or likes of that person making it your own.

See-Saw emotions: When you receive his/her attention your spirits are lifted but when there are reasons to be jealous you feel a terrible pinch.

Biased comfort:You prefer to spend time with that person over your friends and family.

The “WE” feeling : You wish to share the tiniest details of your experiences with that person even the ins and outs of your routine. You alter your wishes by desiring things for ‘both of you’.

Bending backwards : You give in to his/her demands readily. If you get caught in fights,you forgive readily. You treasure your friendship and are willing to put more of yourself into it.

So, there you are. Enjoy the game.

If you are not in yet, you may get surprised when you least expect it.

Watch out !!!

Author: Ms. Shirley Menezes

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