Home Sperm Test

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Home Sperm Test

How it works (Please see the videos below)

This home sperm test informs the user if he has a normal sperm count or a subfertile sperm count. Over 40% of infertility is due to male factor infertility. The test is over 98% accurate with easy to read results that are equivalent to laboratory testing.

Trying to get pregnant?

Identify if a low sperm count could be an issue. 


┬ĚSpermCheck Fertility test device

┬ĚSemen collection cup

┬ĚSemen transfer device

┬ĚSolution bottle

┬Ě Test instructions 


┬Ě Collect semen sample in collection cup. Let stand for twenty (20) minutes. 

┬Ě Fill semen transfer device up to black line with semen sample and add to SpermCheck Fertility solution bottle.

┬Ě Mix semen sample and solution by turning bottle upside down 5 to 10 times. Let stand for 2 minutes.

┬Ě Twist off of the SpermCheck Fertility solution bottle cap and add 6 drops to the sample well marked "S." Read results after 7 minutes.

 Read test instructions completely before performing the test. Store in a dry place at 36┬░- 86┬░F (2┬░-30┬░C). Do not freeze.


        For in-vitro diagnostic use. Not for internal use. Keep out of reach of children. Not for contraceptive use. Do not use if the foil wrapper containing the test is damaged. Do not use this product after expiration date.

        Store in a cool, dry place at 36┬░ - 86┬░F (2┬░ - 30┬░C).  Do not freeze.  For in-vitro diagnostic use.  Not for internal use.  Keep out of reach of children.  Not for contraceptive use.  Do not use if foil wrapper containing the test is damaged.  Do not use this product after expiration date.

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