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The word Kegel, is named after a famous gynecologist Dr Arnold Kegel, These exercise play a vital role in both males and females.

This is also known as "pelvic floor exercises"

Benefits of kegel exercise in Males:

  1. It helps to control urinary leakage.
  2. It helps in maintaining strong erection
  3. Also helps in controlling the ejaculation.
  4. Some studies say, it helps in correcting erectile dysfunction, as it helps in maintain more muscular control over pelvis.
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Benefits of kegel exercise in Females:

  1. Very important in strengthening pelvic floor during pregnancy, as it helps you having an easy labor, after childbirth i.e during vaginal delivery and abdominal surgeries like c-sec delivery.
  2. It helps in attaining orgasm and increases your sex drive as well.
  3. Prevents urine leakage while sneezing, laughing during and post pregnancy.

Q How to locate your muscle?

  1. In Males:
    • Stop urine in the mid stream, or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas.
    • After tightening the muscle, hold the contraction for 3-4 seconds, and relax for 3-4 seconds
    • Repeat for 4/5 times in a day. And see the magic!!
  2. In Females:
    • Insert the tip of your finger into your vagina, Tighten your vagina around your finger to engage the PC muscle. You should also feel the muscles lift as you squeeze.
    • Relax your muscle, remove your finger
    • Now repeat without using your finger, feel the same lift and tightening of the walls of vagina
    • Hold for 3-4 seconds and release.
    • Gradually increase it to 10seconds.
    • Repeat for 4/5 times in a day!

Important Tips :

  1. Maintain the focus
  2. Breathe normally during the exercise
  3. You can exercise while having sex
  4. Relax your thigh and stomach muscle while exercising