Diabetes And Sex

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High blood sugar or diabetes affects most of the systems of the body such as kidneys, eyes, nerves etc. But the system that most often goes unnoticed, is the one related to the sexual function.
Diabetes has been found to have profound effects on the sexual functioning of both men and women and thus, being high on your sugar can adversely affect your bedroom activities.
Diabetes And Sex | Drsafehands

Effect On Men

  1. High sugar level lowers the level of testosterone (the male hormone) hampering erection as well as decreasing sex drive. Other factors associated with diabetes that contribute to erectile dysfunction or ED include hypertension,obesity, medications such as antidepressants etc. Inability to perform in bed can also lead to low self esteem, anxiety affecting erection further.
  2. Complicated diabetes such as diabetic neuropathy can cause retrograde ejaculation wherein semen is ejaculated into the bladder instead of the penis.
  3. Moreover, the nerve damage due to diabetes can affect the nerves down there making sensations or stimulation difficult.
  4. Blood flow to the genitals may be blocked reducing sensations further. Attaining orgasm and experiencing pleasure might be tough for diabetics.

Treatment/Management :

  1. Light-to-moderate exercise or yoga strengthens the heart to improve the blood flow to the area as well as provides mobility and flexibility of the lower body.
  2. Testosterone injections or gels may be prescribed to increase the hormone levels necessary for male action.
  3. Controlling the blood glucose levels and keeping a check on your medications are additional areas your doctor can help you with.

Effect On Women

  1. Diabetes can disrupt the female hormones resulting in vaginal dryness or painful intercourse.
  2. Also just like in males, the restricted blood circulation and damaged nerves can have an effect on the sensations like arousal or orgasms.
  3. The diabetic females are also at a higher risk for vaginal or urinary tract infections.


  1. For vaginal dryness, a water-based lubricant can be used during intercourse.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy can also be advised by your doctor to deal with the hormonal imbalance in addition to blood sugar control and other necessary preventive measures.


Uncontrolled diabetes can be deadly, not only for the sex life but other systems of the body too. Thus, keep a check on your blood sugars and live a stress-free life.