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Q: What is a Menstrual Hygiene?

Menstrual Hygiene means the basic cleanliness measures that prevent local itching and bad odour.

Q: What are the method of maintaining Menstrual hygiene?

Menstrual hygiene can be maintained by primarily washing and keeping legs dry. You can use clean cloth; a conventional method or sanitary napkins easily available in market (like whisper/ stayfree etc.). Another method is tampons; its a soft material inserted into vagina to absorb Menstrual blood.

Q: Which method is better and why?

Reusable pads and disposable pads are equally hygiene when used correctly, although disposable pads can be easily used & disposed off is much easier way, as compared to cloths, also it has an absorbant larger which possibles dry feeling and helps you in mobility and ease of daily routine activities.
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Q: How can i discard my napkin?

Disposing off napkin is also an important measure, as its a sore sight and if left in open, can attract flies / insects and give bad smells too.
Napkin should be thrown into bin kept in toilet after wrapping it properly with old newspaper / wastepaper.

Q: How frequent should is change my napkins?

Sanitary napkins should be change atleast once a day. It is recommended to change it after every 6-8 hours. During heavy menses you need to change every 3-4 hourly.

Q: What is the need for mestural hygiene?

Menstrual hygiene is very important as unclean legscan lead to growth of unwanted bacteria that could lead to infection like Urinry Tract Infection (UTI) and other yeast infection like Thrush, candidiasis etc

Q: Any another measure that I need to take care of?

Yes, you need to wash your hands and genitals from front to back after urination/defecation.
Use cotton undergarments and after washing dry them under sun.
Be hydrated and take balanced diet in case of any doubt; do not hesitate to talk your female teachers, mother or any woman you trust.