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Q: What is a Menarche?

Menarche is a natural process. Every girl attains menarche one day. It is a part of growing up. Menarche means menstural bleeding for the first time. It is considered as phase of puberty. This nothing to be afraid of. A girl just needs to take a few precautions.

Q: When does it occurs?

It occurs usually after 2-3 yrs of breast development as early as 9 yrs and as late 15 yrs. If it appears before 9, this ia either precocious puberty or a symptom of Endocrine Disease.

Q: How will I recognise menarche?

You will notice a spot of blood on your underwear the flow of blood from vagina may be brownish at first, but will turn into bright red retiv on.
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Q: What is the duration of menarche?

This period usually last 3-7 days and it happen every month till age of 45 (Menopause).

Q: How will I feel during menarche?

You might feel sometimes distress, abdominal cramps, bloating of stomch, pain in legs and back for some hours. But you will be able to continue your daily routine work.

Q: How can I manage Bleeding during menarche?

You can should use disposable sanitary pads, easily available in market ( like whisper/ stayfreeetc).

Q: How can I manage menarche symptoms?

You can use hot bottle/ heating pads or a warm bath, to get relieve from pain. Aprt from this mild exercise and eating healthy diet can improve your body ability to handle menstural cramps.
In case of severe pain, mild NSAID's (Non steroid Anti Infection Drugs) like Ibuprofen can be used.

Q: Whom should I talk to?

You can talk to your Mom, Friend, a doctor or any woman you trust. But don't hide.