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HIV AIDS Facts : Symptoms and Treatments

What is HIV?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) residues one of the most significant infectious diseases in India. It is an infection connected with a serious disease, obstinately high costs of treatment and care, an important number of deaths and shortened life expectancy.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system and causes a lifelong severe illness with a long incubation period.
Sexual contact with an infected person is the main reason of spreading HIV infection, by sharing syringes (mainly for drug injection) with someone who is infected, or, less commonly (and now very infrequently in countries where blood is screened for HIV antibodies), through transfusions of infected blood or blood clotting factors. Babies born to HIV-infected women may become diseased before or during birth or through breast-feeding.
The end-stage of the contagion, assimilated immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), consequences from the devastation of the immune systems Effective grouping therapies, announced in the middle of 1990 and extensively used in industrialized countries, have had a deep effect on the course of HIV infection, improving the eminence of life and suspending the onset of AIDS and death in HIV-infected persons. Though, narrow-mindedness to side effects and the appearance of resilient strains remain reasons for concern.

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What are the symptoms of HIV & AIDS?

HIV abolishes cells in the immune system called CD4 cells or T cells. Without CD4 cells, your body has a hard time fighting off diseases. This makes you more prospective sick from contagions that frequently wouldn’t hurt you. Over time, the damage HIV does to your immune system leads to AIDS.
If you have AIDS when you get occasional contagions (called unscrupulous infections) or types of cancer, or if you’ve lost a convinced number of CD4 cells. This generally happens about 10 years after getting HIV if you don’t take treatment. Treatment can delay or even stop you from ever developing AIDS

symptoms of HIV & AIDS

The signs of AIDS include:

  • Thrush (a thick, white coating on your mouth or tongue)
  • Sore throat
  • Bad yeast contagions
  • Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Getting bad infections a lot
  • Feeling really dizzy and tired,
  • Headaches
  • Losing much weight quickly
  • Bruising more effortlessly than normal
  • Having, fevers, diarrhea or night sweats for a long time
  • Swollen or firm glands in your throat, groin, or armpit
  • Deep, dry coughing spells
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Purplish growths on your skin or inside your mouth
  • Bleeding from the nose, anus, mouth, or vagina
  • Skin rashes
  • Feeling very emotionless in your hands or feet, losing control of your muscles and reflexes, not being able to
  • move, and losing strength in your muscles

When Should You Start HIV Treatment?

Treatment guidelines from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services suggested that persons living with HIV begin art as soon as possible after diagnosis. Preliminary art slows the progress of HIV and capable to keep you healthy for too many years.

What Is HIV Drug Resistance?

Drug resistance can be a cause of treatment failure for persons living with HIV. As HIV increases in the body, it sometimes changes and crops differences of itself. Variations of HIV that grow while a person is taking ART can lead to drug-resistant strains of HIV.
HIV drugs can’t prevent drug-resistant HIV from increasing. Drug resistance can cause HIV treatment to fail.
An individual can firstly be infected with drug-resistant HIV or develop drug-resistant HIV after starting HIV medicines. Drug-resistant HIV also can spread from person to person. Drug-resistance testing recognizes which, if any, HIV drugs won’t be real against your specific strain of HIV
Drug- resistance testing results assist control which HIV medicines to include in an HIV treatment routine.

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Clear your notion on STIs and STDs


Life is very precious. A single mistake is enough to ruin this precious one. So, always feel comfortable to share your problem before it became too late. There is no reason to be worried; now you might be in apprehension what we are asking you to share.

Yes, you are right we are talking about ‘Sexual Health.’ Many complexities come to our mind in this context. Specifically, it is more when we are suffering from Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs), sometimes we get scared and panicked too.


You can feel embarrassed or ashamed about talking about sexual health or admitting that they’ve been having casual sex, and that can delay them going forward for screenings.  As per a media did the survey, this issue is emerging as the third most dangerous disease after malaria and tuberculosis in India.

Know your body


Being a responsible person, it is essential to know your body and to know what is beneficial for your health. When you found something wrong specifically here, we are giving trace on STIs, don’t neglect, get it checked or consult an expert as soon as possible because your body won’t always show signs and symptoms.

Never left it untreated, it can lead to serious health problems including cervical cancer, liver disease, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infertility, and pregnancy problems. Even chance is more having some STIs (such as chancroid, herpes, syphilis, and trichomoniasis) may turn into Sexually Transmitted Disease or increase the risk of getting HIV if you are HIV-negative and get exposed to HIV.


Most people with STIs do not have any signs & symptoms and are therefore often ignorant of their ability to pass the infection on to their sexual partner(s). Only because of this we advised you for STI testing on a regular basis whether you are sexually active or not.

In this digital age, technology is becoming so advanced that people are getting their STI checkup through on clicks by sitting at home.


Common Symptoms of STIs

Here we are defining primary symptoms of STIs, we know STIs in other language known as STDs, STIs are infections which spread person to person through sexual contact. For instance, HIV is STI. Many other sexually transmitted diseases are mainly covered by sexual contact such as vaginal, anal and oral sex. You might be going through symptoms like sores on the genitals, irregular growth in the genital area, itching or rashes on your genital, having pain during urination, intercourse or bowel movement, vaginal bleeding, and lower abdominal pain.


Types of STDs/STIs

Let’s highlight some of the most common STDs:-

  1. Chlamydia: One of the most common STDs in both men and women between the 15- 25 years of age. You can feel pain while urinating, or penile or vaginal discharge, however, there may not be any symptoms at all. It can also infect the eyes, mouth, throat, penis, vagina and the rectum.


  1. Gonorrhea: After Chlamydia it is commonly reported STDs, this disease is increased in young mass over the past five years. Symptoms of Gonorrhoea are almost the same as Chlamydia. If not treated in the proper time, it can lead to the fertility problems of women.


  1. Syphilis: This infection caused by bacteria with various symptoms including sores, rashes, and fever. It can seriously affect the brain and heart.


  1. HIV: Once the HIV found it is considered a death sentence. HIV causes AIDS. It is present in blood, vaginal secretions, semen, and breast milk. It can be passed through vaginal, oral, or anal sex without protection. Many people living with HIV look healthy. HIV can’t be treated, but it can be managed with antiretroviral treatment.


  1. Herpes: This is a common skin infection caused by a virus that lives in the nerves that have mild symptoms for most people, including blisters and stinging or tingling in the affected area. Though the virus is ‘hiding’ in the nerves, so you can’t feel the symptoms. It can’t be cured, but most people will find the recurrences become milder and less frequent.


  1. Hepatitis B: This inflammation of the liver caused by the virus can lead to fever, fatigue, jaundice, and nausea. Hepatitis B often has no symptoms, so many people are not aware that they have the infection. Hardly a person can be recovered from Hepatitis B, although most infected people make a full recovery. But it can cause a severe health problem for a small percentage of people, and can also be passed from a mother to her unborn baby. This virus exists in breast milk, vaginal secretions, and semen.




Risk of STI can be reduced by practicing safer sex and by consulting health care provider and your sex partner(s) about any sexually transmitted infections you or your partner has or has had. If required get treated as per the recommendation provided by the health care provider.

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People hear that HIV and AIDS are deadly diseases and once you contract them then it is the end of your life’s journey. Nothing is far from the truth. Indeed, when you hear such things via your friends, read it on the internet, or get messages about these diseases on the social media you are bound to be worried. Then you feel whether you need to get tested for HIV and AIDS. Of course, there is nothing wrong in testing yourself for these diseases.


As it is there are no specific symptoms to tell that you are HIV positive or an AIDS victim. Only the relevant tests will be able to confirm the same. Hence if there is a doubt in your mind you can go in for the test, and then earlier the better.

You would have been told that even a simple touch of an infected individual is enough for the infection being transferred to you. This is the cause of your worry and prompted you to get yourself tested for the deadly disease. Yes, touch does cause the infection but only via a sexual act and not simply any touch. So before believing any false stories you need to get the facts right.

Now coming to the testing part, this may put you into a lot of worries. These tests are simple, painless and quick. The results are also kept confidential. Again don’t postpone the testing if you feel that there is a reason for you to contract the disease. Actually the sooner the better. Postponing may cause more complications as the disease would have advanced to a later stage. Then treatment for the same may become more difficult.

If the result is negative you will have enough reason to rejoice. However, what would happen if the tests are positive? Is testing positive for HIV an end of the journey?  On the contrary. Your life’s journey cannot end so soon. The result being positive is no cause for worry at all. Worrying is normal but there is no cause for panic at this stage. There are effective treatments for the HIV positive patients, so rest assured.

Another good thing about taking a test is your sexual health can be in your control. Now you will be sensitized as how to go about this act and when you can be at risk. Usually having an intercourse with an HIV positive or an AIDS patient the disease can be transmitted. This can happen if the act is not a protected one. Using contraception, the infection gets minimized. Also when you are under ART you can have children too and these will be HIV negative.

This disease can also be spread with the sharing of needles especially this is done by drug abusers. Even during blood transfusion, the disease can be transmitted. Taking care of these aspects also the spread will be much minimized.

This is not the end of your life. The only thing is you do not have to believe in myths. Just get guided by the specialists and have a positive approach to everything. You can also be part of an awareness team and spread the word about these diseases to those who are not in the know about the real facts about these infections. This will help more people to come under the bracket and the taboo and stigma related to these diseases will be busted.

People need to be educated about the real aspects of the disease. When they learn what happens how they will come forward to lend a helping hand to the victims instead of oppressing and abusing them. There is no room for fear in your life. Overcoming this is the first step toward a healthy and conscious life.

Knowing the risks involved and precautions to be taken you can lead a normal life with not many people knowing about you being a carrier of a deadly disease. So go for it.

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HIV and AIDS are two subjects that need to be discussed and learned about. But it is the least talked about in the open. And whatever is talked about is in hushed tones and is bugged with misconceptions and myths. HIV and even AIDS can be contacted only through sexual contact or blood transfusion and not by just any kind of touch. The sad part is though this truth is known clearly by the medical fraternity most of them are not willing to treat patients with symptoms of these infections.


Neglect from the core group

This has aggravated the matter the most. The group of people like doctors, nurses and others who belong to the medical field that have to create an awareness among the uneducated and the unknown are the ones who most of the times are victims to the stigma associated with these diseases.

The condition of the patients admitted to the hospitals and clinics is pathetic as most of them are left to fend for themselves. It is found that most doctors and even nurses fear to treat them or offer checkup services to them many a time too. First and foremost, the attitude towards the HIV and AIDS infected people needs to be changed by each and every one including the medical fraternity.

Sensitization needed

People need to be sensitized about how it spreads and awareness needs to be created that an HIV infected can live long and a healthy life if he or she follows the treatment plan religiously and takes the necessary medicine like ART on time. They also need to follow certain precautions and if they do so there is no much threat to the others from them.

Need to take preventive measures

All those who have followed such preventive measures and protection are not much affected by their HIV or AIDS infection. They can lead normal lives and do their day to day activities without any hindrance or causing trouble to anyone too. Thus their overall well-being will be restored. Instead of being a burden to the society these people can be a part of it in. They can thus take an active part in reshaping it and creating awareness amongst the masses.

Especially the young need a full guidance and the knowledge of HIV and AIDS as this is the highest risk group. It is this group that can indulge in unprotected sex and is the cause of the spread of the disease.

Education about the diseases need of the hour

Teaching about AIDS and HIV need to be made compulsory in schools so that from a young age people get to know what is the reality of this infection and how to be protected from it. And also they can be taught how not to be the cause of its spread. If these measures are taken really on a serious note by everyone involved, then there can be a drastic reduction in the spread of the diseases and they can be under control.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The prevalence due to blood transfusion has come down now because of some preventive measures are taken. Also, the sex workers and those who come in contact with them are also advised to have protective sex. This way also the spread of the disease can get reduced. Now people have started to follow these and the needed contraceptives are used during the sex act. Thus you can say that there is some light seen at the end of the tunnel.

What needs to be done

Though so much is being done it is not enough. This kind of awareness is more in the urban areas and amidst the educated. The rural areas and the uneducated need to be made known about the drastic consequences of these diseases in the way they can understand. Preaching and just offering free treatment or distributing some freebies in the form of contraceptive tools will not suffice for them to know the real danger from this disease.

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HIV a brief recapitulation of a skimpy stigma…

“HIV – Doddered up in the past and present with a bloomy future”

Well ahh!.. writing this, sounds really fantastic for me as such, thou the term may be derogatory to 110% demography of my nation and many others, well ya feels like laughing! right but this is how it is, cause a majority of population cons-crewed it to be HYPER INFECTIOUS VIRUS instead being unaware about its actual full-form that is HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV), you may also fall in this construction provided you have never empathized or per say sympathize with the cause.


Might be just because of a hyperbolic stigma attached to it or due to the mere social construction which is deeply entrenched in your minds and hearts or random shit per say.

Well beginning it involves a rough historical trend, that From its very initial phases when it was not actually HIV but was SIV that too found in chimpanzee but an utter need of Darwin’s theory made homo sapiens to forge ahead with vociferous killing for the mere survival which led to a gradual change and the genesis of HIV took place.

Well this short epilogue seems really interesting and yes it actually causes if by applying our basic natural sciences in the Anthropocene epoch we were able to deduce its conversion, but that too was possible when we actually found it in a homosexual suffering from Pneumonia roughly around 1981, when this tiny virus in him had taken a gigantic shape in the form of AIDS, don’t worry guys by reading or listening to this word won’t make you catch it, hold on hold on , so practicality no need of protection hearing.

In the current decade, the worlds maximum sufferers by HIV are in Sub Saharan Africa and our so-called nationalistic with a ting of jingoism filled nation takes the position of a 2nd runner-up.

Well, this historiography was just an overall estimate of the basics regarding HIV current global status but does that solves the problem?

Well  ya , might be for examination purpose it does, but the larger debate and dissent lies in the stigma attached to it at a social and international level provided if you ever feel at time to go ahead and know about it the via several studies rampant at the soft platform may bring out the harsh realities of the modern day world where self-centric nature is deep-rooted in the ethos of our so-called progressive society which is merely on bits and pieces of shredded woods.

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