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Dr Sanjay Kr Goyal
Qualification : Not Specified
Experience : 30 Years
Speciality : Urology & Andrology

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Early ejaculation

Hi. I am 25 years old. I have this problem of not being able to last. I feel I ejaculate too early. I do not have any disease like high BP or diabetes. My weight is about 70 kg. This problem is bothering me a lot. Please help.
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Problem in erection

Hi. I am 42 years old. For the past few weeks, I am unable to get the kind of erection I used to have earlier. I am talking medicines for diabetes/high BP/ have no problem like diabetes or high BP. Please advise what should I do?
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Erectile dysfunction

Hi. I am 52 year old male. For the last few weeks I am unable to maintain my erection. I lose it very soon. The hardness is also much less. My weight is 65 kg. I am also taking these medicines ……….., …………….. , …………. What should I do to get good erections like earlier.
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Low sex drive

Hi. I am 35 years old. For the past one month, my desire for sex has reduced a lot. I try to avoid my partner many times. This is also causing strain in our relationship. I feel sad and depressed. I do not know what is happening with me. Please help
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Size/ shape of penis

Hello. I feel that the size of my penis is small. I feel scared that I may not be able to satisfy my partner. Also, I feel that my penis is somewhat bent. My friends tell me that this can cause problems in having sex. Please help.
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Swelling in testis

Hello doctor, I am 36 years old, weigh 70 kg. No BP problem or diabetes. I have noticed that my scrotal sac is becoming bigger in size. I am scared I am having hydrocele problem. What should I do? Can it affect my sex life. Please advise on what treatment should I take?
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Anal pain/ bleeding.

Hello doctor. I am a young gay and in relationship. For past few days, I have been having severe pain in my anal region. I also noticed very little blood on touching. Need help. Please advise .
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Low sperm count

Hello, I am 32 years old male. I do not have any other medical history. I do not smoke or consume alcohol. My urologist said I have vericocele as I was feeling pain down there. I read it online that Varicoceles often produce no symptoms but can cause low sperm production and decreased sperm quality, leading to infertility. Does vericocele leaves to infertility? What is the solution to my problem?
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Who uses Dr. safehands

I was about to get married and was full of doubts. Needed to ask many questions. Most of all, I needed to be sure that my would be husband is free from any infections like HIV. But I had no idea how to do that. Just one call with DrSafeHands counsellor solved all my issues.

Jessica M, Goa
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