Jewels of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is India’s ancient system of medicine that is finding huge relevance in today’s times. People are increasingly becoming aware of the principles of Ayurveda and its deep philosophy. The lifestyle advice and use of natural herbs to heal the human body and to cure/ control chronic ailments is being endorsed by modern scientists as well.

  •  Harad is the herb that draws its characteristics from Devi Shailputri. Harad contains of vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium and copper. Usage of Harad Oil helps nourish the scalp and helps reduce hair loss. The consumption of Harad helps ease out chronic constipation. The Harad powder mixed with water helps boost immunity due its antioxidant properties.
  •  Brahmi draws its properties from Goddess Brahmacharini. Brahmi is useful in managing age related memory loss and sharpening of memory in children. It also has anti-anxiety  and anti-depression  properties which helps  to soothe the nerves. It also helps reduce hoarseness of voice, relieve pain and improve sexual performance.
  •  Chamsura (Garden Cess) draws its characteristics from the third Devi Chandraghnata. Chamsura helps ward of number of ailments in its various forms. It improves lung functions in Asthma patients, helps manage Menstrual Cycle irregularities, amongst other it helps in Milk production, acts as aphrodisiac, boosts immunity an hair loss treatment. It should be used in moderate quantities to avoid some of the side effects like Diuretic properties, Abotification properties and Goitrogenic properties.
  • Kushmanda is both the name of the herb and the fourth goddess. Kushmanda is useful in treatment of bleeding disorders, Chronic respiratory disorders requiring nutrition and strength. It helps faster post TB. It is primarily used to develop post ailment strength, build immunity.Alsi (Flaxseeds) draws its properties from Devi Skandamata. Alsi Helps Lower Cholesterol and treat Hyperlipidaemia. Adding flaxseeds into your diet can naturally reduce cholesterol levels by increasing the amount of fat excreted through bowel movements. The soluble fiber content of flaxseed traps fat and cholesterol in the digestive system so it’s unable to be absorbed. Soluble flax fibre also traps bile, which is made from cholesterol in the gallbladder.
  • Machika  Devi Katyayani bestows her properties on MachikaIts bark is used to cure Eczema. Machika is also a Styptic and is used for bleeding disorders or as an antihemorrhagic. Its bark powder due to its astringent properties is used as tooth powder as well.
  • Naagdon is a good medicinal herb to stop abnormal bleeding and is used to treat conditions like Bawaseer (Bleeding Piles), Heavy periods (menorrhagia), Joint Inflammations, Ulcerative Colitis and painful urination. Naagdon draws its properties from Devi Kaalratri.
  • Tulsi is a plant that is present in most of the Indian homes and represents Devi MahaGauri. Tulsi is considered a holy plant and is used as Immunity Booster, Antipyretic, Analgesic, Reduce Cold/ Cough & respiratory disorders, reduces stress & BP, Its reduces blood glucose levels and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Shatavari is used for aeons as a hormone balancer and a general tonic to uplift female health and libido. It not only relieves one from physical and emotional stress but also manages diabetes mellitus, prevents high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and helps in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, oedema, infertility, depression and cancer. Shatavari represents Devi Siddhidhatri.